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Bridgeport Iron Bridge
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The Bridgeport Iron Bridge, often called the Streng Road Iron Bridge, was built in 1914. It replaced a wooden covered bridge built in 1869 by Reuben L. Partridge (1823-1900) and Isaac J. Grummons (1828-1921), which was damaged by the flood of 1913. The 200' steel superstructure uses a pin-connected Pratt Through truss design and was constructed by the Central Concrete & Construction Company, Canton, Ohio, at a cost of $8,987. The original substructure abutments were constructed by John A. Maugans (1861-1933) for $3,248, but have since been replaced. In 1992 and 1993, the bridge was renovated under the leadership of County Engineer Steve A. Stolte and Assistant Engineer Jeff Stauch.
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In 1840, the first of several bridges was constructed at this location, which became known as "Bridgeport." In the early 1800s, this locality consisted of a group of log houses, a blacksmith shop, and a wagon shop. Several schools have been built here throughout the years. The first school was a one-room round log structure with clapboard roof and stick chimney. Inside, the school contained slab benches without backs and planks pinned to the logs in the walls for desks. A Liberty Party meeting, advocating the abolition of slavery, was held at this schoolhouse in 1844. In later years, Fairbanks School, named in honor of Union County native Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks was built in 1962.
Bridge on Streng Road (County Rd 67)
Milford Center, OH 43040
SW side of bridge on Streng Rd over Big Darby Creek
Latitude: 40.1587720, Longitude: -83.3957580.
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