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Treaty of Greene Ville
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1804 - First Official State Map
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With the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783, England lost the American Revolution and ceded to its former colonies land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River. By this time, pioneer settlers had reached the eastern bank of the Ohio River, but the Ohio Country, located west and north of the river, was still considered Indian Territory. The Indian tribes desperately defended their hold on this land. On August 20, 1794, United States forces led by Major General Anthony Wayne defeated an Indian alliance at the Battle of Fallen Timbers fought near modern-day Toledo. One year later, on August 3, 1795, the largest assemblage of northwestern Indian representatives at a peace settlement signed the Treaty of Greene Ville, which effectively ceded all land south of the Greene Ville Treaty line to the Americans. The Fort Laurens site was a reference point in the Treaty line. The Ohio Country was then rapidly settled, and in 1808, Tuscarawas County was organized.
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1804 - First Official State Map, custom art work map
12246 Sherman Church Road
Bolivar, OH 44612
The location of the marker is less than one-half mile north of Bolivar, Ohio, on State Route 102. It is on the Edward Christman property, a blue house on the left hand side of the road going north. Address: 12204 Sherman Church Road .
Latitude: 40.6575325, Longitude: -81.4459134.
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