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Inventor Henry Timken
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Born near Bremen, Germany, carriage builder Henry Timken (1831-1909) designed significant improvements in roller bearings--fundamental machine components that minimize friction between moving and stationary parts. His patented (1898) tapered roller bearings improved on standard ball bearings by controlling heavy side loads generated by steered axles, and thus became key components of modern vehicle design. Established in St. Louis in 1899, the Timken Roller Bearing Axle Company moved to Canton in 1901 and quickly became one of Ohio's industrial leaders, manufacturing roller bearings for automotive, railroad and many industrial uses. In 1998, Henry Timken was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.
1835 Dueber Avenue SW
Canton, OH 44706
The Timken Compnay, 1835 Dueber Ave, SW
Latitude: 40.7784590, Longitude: -81.3947700.
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