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This marker inadvertently given wrong county code #10-72. It should be #10-71 and will be corrected when possible.

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Abrams' Big House
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With the Division Act of 1800, the U.S. Congress divided the Northwest Territory at a line essentially the present boundary of Indiana and Ohio. The Indiana Territory stood west of the line. The name Northwest Territory was retained for the land east of the line and Chillicothe became its capital. The legislature for the territory convened in Chillicothe in November 1800. Since there were no public buildings in which the legislature could meet, its session was held in a two-story log house that stood on this site called "Abrams' Big House." It was so called for its owner, Basil Abrams. During the War of 1812, the building served as the barracks for the 19th U.S. Regiment of Infantry. Thereafter, it was known as the "old barracks" until it was razed circa 1840.
64 N. Walnut Street
Chillicothe, OH 45601
Northwest Corner of Walnut and West Second Street
Latitude: 39.3341175, Longitude: -82.9856922.
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