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The Union School 1893-2004
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The Union County-College Corner Joint State School District
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In 1893, Ohio and Indiana constructed the first Union School on the state line separating Ohio and Indiana. For 111 years, students from both states have been educated in what is the only schoolhouse located in Ohio and Indiana. In 1925, a new Union School was designed to replace the old schoolhouse. The dedication of this new school building took place on December 21, 1926. A new addition was added in 2004. The Union School Building has special architectural features such as a center stone placed on the Ohio and Indiana state line and Ohio and Indiana arched doorways. The bell from the 1893 Union School is displayed to the south side of the current school.
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For 111 years, residents of College Corner residing in Preble County and Butler County, Ohio have joined with residents of West College Corner, residing in Union County, Indiana to educate their children at the College Corner Union School. The school served grades K-12 until 1972 when students in grades 9-12 were transferred to Union County High School in Liberty, Indiana. In 1995, at the direction of a Federal Magistrate, the Union County-College Corner Joint School District was reorganized. This reorganization created a nine-person board of trustees, with Ohio and Indiana representation, who operate under the laws of Indiana. The Union County-College Corner Joint State School District is significant because it is the last of the joint state school districts in Ohio and Indiana and possibly the only such school district remaining in the United States.
230 Ramsey Street
College Corner, OH 45003
Marker is located at the rear of the school building along Indiana Street
Latitude: 39.5725270, Longitude: -84.8150990.
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