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Ohio and Erie Canal
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The Ohio and Erie Canal, built between 1825 and 1832, had a significant influence on Ohio's economy. In the early 19th century Ohio was largely rural and dependent on subsistence agriculture as the primary business. The canal, which cost nearly $8,000,000 to construct, provided a transportation route from Cleveland on Lake Erie to Portsmouth on the Ohio River. Ohio farmers were encouraged to increase production and ship surplus produce to more profitable markets. Industry became more prominent as manufacturers produced building supplies for the canals and shipped products via the canal. As an internal improvement, the Ohio and Erie Canal expanded the economy, increased the population, and ended the feeling of isolation in Ohio. The canal continued south from here for about a mile until it met Water Street, now Emmitt Avenue, and ran along Water Street through Waverly.
Wendy Lane
Waverly, OH 45690
Located on the W side of Wendy Lane at Armbruster Pkwy
Latitude: 39.1354460, Longitude: -82.9698710.
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