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Camp Perry
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In an effort to improve the marksmanship of Ohio soldiers, Adjutant General Ammon B. Critchfield established Camp Perry, an Ohio National Guard Military Training site on the shore of Lake Erie in 1906. Camp Perry was named after Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, who defeated British forces in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. This particular location was ideal for shooting ranges because varying-length ranges were able to share a common firing line, and shooting practice could take place on all ranges, without the added risk of stray bullets. (continued on other side)
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These specialized shooting ranges were developed for national and international competition between civilian and military teams. Camp Perry has played numerous roles through the years, including holding Italian and German prisoners of war during World War II and, at varying times, serving as an Army Reception Center. National Rifle Association rifle and pistol matches have been held here since 1907. Additionally, in 1990, United States Coast Guard reservists trained here in preparation for the Persian Gulf War.
Intersection of Niagra and Lawrence Road
Port Clinton, OH 43452
At the Memorial Plaza at the end of Niagra
Latitude: 41.5447880, Longitude: -83.0196630.
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