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WACO Aircraft Company (Weaver Aircraft Company)
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Founded in 1921 as the Weaver Aircraft Company and located in Lorain, Ohio, the Waco Aircraft Company relocated to Troy in March 1923. It was the first aircraft company to use assembly line production and shock strut landing gear. Leading all civilian aircraft production at a ratio of two to one from 1927-1929, the company had sales distributors in 24 countries worldwide. The United States government became the prime contractor of Waco Aircraft Company's troop/cargo gliders (CG-4A) used extensively during World War II. The company also managed the U.S. Army's glider program for 15 companies that produced gliders nationwide. The last WACO, model W "Aristrocrat," was built in Troy in June 1947.
1865 S. County Road 25A
Troy, OH 45373
WACO Air Museum and Aviation Learning Center
Latitude: 40.0127200, Longitude: -84.2000400.
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