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Daniel E. Weltzien, pilot and hometown son, dreamed of a flying community - one where every family would have a plane in their garage for work or play. In June 1965, the Williams Farm on Acme Hill became a runway with taxiways to every home. Young men and women came for flying lessons, and now traverse the world in space, the military, and commercially. Surviving fire, tornadoes, an earthquake, Ohio winters, and severe crosswinds, students still come here to take their first flight and become pilots. In Ohio, birthplace of aviation pioneers, this is "SKYPARK" THE FLYING COMMUNITY, a first in Ohio because a man dared to dream.
3071 Greenwich Road
Wadsworth, OH 44281
Located in a small memorial park at the entrance to the airport
Latitude: 41.0251780, Longitude: -81.7993240.
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