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First Courthouse of Hancock County
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This "temporary courthouse" was authorized by the County Commissioners in 1831 completed in 1833, and in use until 1842. The building then served many functions, such as a school, church, hotel, dentist office, store, and residence. It has been moved twice, 1862 and 1913, from its original location on the southwest corner of South Main and West Crawford Streets. First County Court Session, March 14, 1828. First Court of Common Pleas, June, 1828. First Lawyer, Edson Goit, June, 1828. First Courthouse, 1833. Second Courthouse, 1842. Present Courthouse, 1888Findlay/Hancock County Bar Association, March 27, 1899
819 Park Street
Findlay, OH 45840
819 Park St., Findlay
Latitude: 41.032560, Longitude: -83.643920.
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