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Fort Necessity
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William Hull Memorial Park
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A short distance to the northeast a small stockade and blockhouse were built on June 22, 1812 by order of General William Hull for his nearly 2000 man army on its Detroit expedition during the War of 1812. Here mired in mud, Hull, his Ohio militiamen, and army regulars rested, made paper cartridges, and then moved north with a lumbering wagon train to Detroit and eventual surrender.
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Word of General Hull's surrender at Detroit on August 16, 1812 angered and panicked Ohioans. But from the ashes of humiliation arose a new resolve for victory against the British and their Indian allies in the War of 1812. This park is dedicated to William Hull, Revolutionary War soldier, first territorial governor of Michigan, and brigadier general in 1812.
Near the site of Fort Necessity, Findlay off SR 68; Marker stolen from site.