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Founding of Tiffin
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Founding of Tiffin
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In 1822 Josiah Hedges purchased the land that would become Tiffin from the Delaware Land Office. By March, this land, situated across the Sandusky River from old Fort Ball (War of 1812) was surveyed and platted by General James Hedges, the brother of Josiah. These events marked the founding year for the city of Tiffin, which was named after Edward Tiffin, Ohio's first governor and a friend of Josiah Hedges. The legislature commissioned Thomas Henford, Isaac Minor and Cyrus Spink to establish Tiffin as the permanent seat of justice for Seneca County on March 25, 1822.
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3 Riverside Drive
Tiffin, OH 44883
Clouse-Kirian Leadership Park, intersection of S. Washington Street and Riverside Drive
Latitude: 41.117074, Longitude: -83.176841.
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