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Lewis & Elizabeth Kemp Homestead
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Lewis and Elizabeth (Lyons) Kemp were settlers of what became Mad River Township. With their eight children, the Kemps arrived here from Frederick County, Maryland around 1806. The stone part of the house was built shortly thereafter. Lewis donated nearby land for what became known as the "Kemp School," established in 1815, and for a graveyard, which had its first burial in 1816 or 1817. The Kemps also hosted services of the United Brethren church. The Kemp house is an example of a "Saltbox" type, so called because of the long slope of its rear gable roof. It is believed the house's brick portion was added around 1832.
4821 Burkhardt Rd
Dayton, OH 45431
Latitude: 39.760272, Longitude: -84.125990.
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